i’m sorry
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still not understanding video editing but I dID take a snapshot so 0.5% of the necessary information has been gathered from today 
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aye up
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so, my first ever tattoo and I’m not gonna lie- yeah, it hurt [quite considerably so when it went over a scar, and the protruding bone on the side].
I don’t wanna make this into a smushy ‘tell everything set it off have helped me through’ post, incase that angers people, but I’ve always coward out of telling of one the boys. Hopefully this’ll start up some(?) conversation, and I can finally tell them.
Set It Off are the only reason I have/still am surviving through this [social]/anxiety along with other stuff. I miss them so much, but at the same time I don’t want them to push themselves from touring so much. Still kinda hope they back to the UK sometime next year, though.
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set it off is on Tuesday aka like just over 24 hour away? idk it’s too late for math shit
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Comic Con today was so good although I only got two photos; one with Iron Man, and the other with Cap’n America- but Lucy (Karkat) got some too. Thank you to everyone who said hi and asked for photos! 
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just got back from prom holla
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ew, never realized how prominent my bags are, under my eyes. Okay, really need to start sleeping
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face page, sorry!
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